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Site Plan Review Packet

  • The Site Plan Review process mandates that all information required in the Zoning Resolution and on the checklist be submitted and/or indicated on the site plan before it can be circulated for review and recommendation. The applicant may ask to convene a preliminary administrative meeting with the Township Staff and various review agencies. When the application is submitted, there will be a preliminary review to ascertain if all information is present. If the application is deemed complete, it will be sent out to the appropriate governmental agencies such as the County Engineers, Plan Commission, and the Fire Department for their review and recommendation to the Planning Director. Once all recommendations are received, the Planning Director can then complete the review and issue the Township staff recommendations to the applicant so that revisions to the Site Plan can be made, if needed.

    The Site Plan Review drawings reflecting the revisions requested by the review agencies shall then be submitted to the Planning Director for review and approval. If it is determined that the Site Plan conforms to all applicable requirements, a Zoning Certificate may be issued for the proposed project.

    It is highly advisable that the applicant retains the services of a Professional Engineering and/or Architectural Firm to facilitate the adherence to the Springfield Township Zoning Resolution. The Ohio Revised Code provides that a public authority shall not accept or use any engineering or surveying plan prepared by one not registered as a professional engineer or professional surveyor. Please notice that there may be bond, escrow, surety or other assurances required of the applicant to guarantee completion of the landscaping, sidewalks, overall site completion, and access management requirements. In addition, the applicant will have to apply for a MS4/Wetlands permit from the Ohio EPA. The entire Springfield Township Zoning Resolution will be used; however, sections 19, 22, 23, 24, and 25 have a direct bearing on the site plan review process.

  • For Application to be complete, the following items must be included: Site Plan Application, completed Site Plan Drawing Checklist, Eight copies of Site Plans that meet the requirements of Section 22-Site Plan Review of the Springfield Township Zoning Resolution, and all building elevations. The undersigned state(s) that this Application is true, accurate, and complete with all required documentation. Springfield Township relies on the completeness, relevancy, and accuracy of the Site Plan Review Application. Any omission from, or misrepresentation in, the Application, Exhibits and data (submitted at any time during the application for Site Plan Review and Certificate of Zoning, or use of the premises by the Applicant or agent, invitees, etc.) shall be the basis for the Board to void any permits, Certificate, plan approval, and PUD implementation, previously granted. No change or alteration to the building or land shall be initiated during the period that the Application for site plan review is pending.
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